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Alchad is the fictional world designed for a Fantasy Literature project.

Alchad is the name of a space colony after a thermonuclear war rendered the Earth uninhabitable. Survivors were sent into space to colonize a planet in the nearest system. There are nine different races that inhabit the planet, some of which had already been there when the remaining humans had arrived. These races include Humans, the Dihn, Liches, Harnks, the fift, the Kurn, the Kad, the Rign, and Madoreans each of which have there own features and cultures. Feel free to browse the cities and areas on Alchad! More information will be coming and this Wiki will be updated regularly.

What is the Alchad Project?Edit

To put it into perspective, this project was based around the idea of J.R.R Tolkien's Middle Earth (arguably one of the most thought out and developed fictional worlds ever.) That extends not only the physical but the experiential world behind his characters' setting. After many hours doodling in his notebook, a young author decided it was in his best interest to organize all of his ideas online in one confined space. It was almost fate when his teacher announced that he must make a project that was related to the class: (Dis)Enchantment Fantasy Literature. This is when he decided to take this seriously and write it all down.

This is the extensive wiki dedicated to its entirety. Not all of these pages are going to be 100% done as this is a project in development, but please enjoy what I've been doing on my nights and free time!

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